hi!!! im finn :)

im really bad at this whole website making thing but i think it's fun !! if this website ever gets any fancy divs it will NOT be in the forseeable future !! right now its mostly serving as a big "about me" but eventually it will look super duper cool

i use this site as a way to say im better than all the people that just made carrds or straw pages cuz i did all this all in HTML >:)

this is the only div right now but im working on more trust

here's some info about me!!

im a 13 year old boy, turning 14 on february 18th. i live in utah, usa, but i'm probably gonna move to michigan, or at least out of state, by 2026. i like drawing and i'm trying to get more into animating, and hopefully in the future i'll get into filmmaking and/or game development!! i'm learning how to play bass, soon there'll be some videos of some songs i've learned. i'm currently (slowly but surely) making a comic called the silly guys - you can read it here!

"commission" me!

you can commission (just ask me ... i wont request anything in return unless i know you irl) me to make any art, animation, voice acting job, video game, etc.. i dont have.. like ,, any examples of my work besides drawings but that should be changed soon. if you really want me to do smth that isnt a drawing ill give you examples that arent already up. there's more details on my newgrounds account. commissions are completely free right now (unless i know you irl, but even then it should be really cheap), i don't really have a need for money, but things will most likely change in the near future. just contact me through however you know me- if you know me from pixilart, ask me on pixilart, if you know me from school or sm, ask me irl!

here's some drawings i made :D most of my art is traditional, but im working on making more digital stuff!

here's my newgrounds account and my pixilart account and also my youtube channel (i havent posted much but i plan on posting a bunch of stuff eventually)!! i'm on a bunch of other sites but i barely ever use them, and im also finnthegoober on basically everything. im most active on pixilart.

DNI if...

in all honesty if you're trans/homophobic idgaf


on every site that i'm on where it's permitted, expect:

if any of this upsets you, feel free to block me, or tell me so i won't bring it up in conversations with you

the ONLY jokes/topics im uncomfortable about are cult jokes and animal gore, literally everything else is completely fine as long as you're a friend. maybe a bit annoying but i wont get uncomfortable around anything else, even if its directed towards me. if you arent a friend, have common sense.

these are my adorable kitties, litten (left) and meatloaf (right)!! :3

here's my favorite...



other things

some silly interests of mine

please ask me about these i love excuses to turn autistic and start talking about this stuff

im not actually autistic!!!

last updated on june 9 2024